Web Solutions and Helpdesk

In 2004 I opened my first website. It was on a free .tk domain and hosted by altervista.
Since then technology and the web developed a lot. At the of 2005, with an old Nokia 6710 I sent my first e-mail in mobility. And it was an amazing feeling.
This was part of an experiment regarding the final thesis for my high school diploma (La Maturità, in Italian). I was the first talking inside my class about web 2.0, blogs, wifi standards and even cloud technology. My work was hosted on Google’s doc and I had the opportunity of using a primitive form of an Operating System inside a browser: YouOS.

Later on, Facebook and the iPhone irrupted in our lives. But the passion for HTML and web sites did stay. From 2010 I started making small, static and WordPress based, web sites for associations and for everyone that desired something more than a normal page on a social network.

At the same time, I was the IT-guy helping people in solving problems with computers, cellphones, routers and wifi networks and so on. Even changing thermal paste and upgrading from a normal HD to SSD didn’t scared me at all.

So, If you need somebody to be your friendly neighbourhood IT-guy, I’ll be please to help any time 🙂

The It Crowd